Your Autumn Maintenance Check-Up

When are the busiest times for players/musicians? When do you need your instrument to perform to the best of its ability?

Summer offers us concerts and festivals indoors and out, and as covid rules have been relaxed this summer we have enjoyed many concert series getting back on track.

The Christmas season is always busy and offers us that bizarre combination of music in the religious festival of Christmas, and the more fun, jovial music associated with Panto.

Easter also comes with its musical commitments, heavily weighted in religious music. In fact I know players who say Easter is their busiest time of the year.

Of course music is being played and celebrated all year round. But right now there is a perfect little lull in commitments before the big build up to Christmas commences.

Not only is there potentially a small window for you to visit me but what goes hand in hand with that is also the weather changing. The temperature is dropping and as we head into the colder months your instrument should be equipped to cope with the strain put on it. For all its beauty in looks and sound, it is after all just a few pieces of wood glued together!

This really is such a good time to show me your instrument, a great opportunity to have your violin, viola or cello checked over.

I shall be checking a few areas which will, in part, include the following.

  • The pegs, going into winter may need a little adjustment, having slipped their way through the summer!
  • The seams are checked to see if any have popped open and need gluing.
  • The soundpost always needs a little check, and may need tweaking before the colder weather hits.
  • Rosin build up may need to be cleaned off the front, to prevent it melting into the varnish and really causing damage to the varnish.

I shall also address the varnish work called ‘TIV’ (Touching In Varnish), if little knocks, scratches or bare patches exist. Areas may need ‘touching in’. As we switch on our central heating, the air dries out in our homes and instruments become vulnerable if their coat (the varnish) isn’t there to protect them!

In addition, are your strings sounding/looking worn? A new set of strings, or just an ‘e’, will lift the sound of your instrument as we head into the darker months, which invariably will lift your spirits too.

Is your bow clogged with rosin, or minus a few valuable hairs? A bow rehair will offer more sound, control and stability.

Above are just a few checks I do. There are many other areas I want to be sure of.  If your instrument is in good health then the ‘maintenance check-up’ will only cost you your time to visit me and nothing else. What’s not to like!!  Just get in touch and we’ll book an appointment to suit you.

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