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Bow rehairing

I offer a bow rehairing service for violin, viola and cello bows. All you need to do is drop the bow off and I will do the rest!

Bow restoration is also a service I provide and also the little things like a new lapping or thumb grip.

I offer a bow rehairing collection and delivery service for orchestras, when collectively the players require a minimum of 8 bows rehairing.

Checking the hair is straight and evenly dispersed across the stick. This makes for even contact when the hair is drawn across the strings.

The bow restorers/makers and rehairers that I outsource to are amongst the best in the country. Each individual job is assessed by me and carried out by the best bow restorer for that job.

Bow Sales

I sell bows to suit all abilities, a selection of new and antique, and all are in beautiful condition.

Modern bows, made by living makers, are as sort after as old bows now. Here are 4 beautiful examples of modern bows that I can supply to you for trial.

Whether you play violin, viola or cello, you are welcome to come and try.

I also sell beautiful modern English bows by London bow maker, Stephen Thomson.

Just book an appointment and you’ll be amazed how a different bow can make your instrument sound.

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