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I offer accessories, strings and cases for violin, viola and cello.

The choice of accessories I offer to my client base is well thought out and these products are not taken on lightly by me. They not only work well but are well made, offering a good range in price and quality.

Players will leave not only thrilled with a beautiful restoration or set-up but also with all the tools for their playing experience to be a positive one. I offer so much to support your journey with a great selection of accessories including choices in strings, and cases. It’s simply unnecessary, and actually really confusing, to be offered 10 mutes (for eg.) when the best quality 2 or 3 in varying price ranges will serve perfectly.

I have spent years sharing products with players whose feed back I value. This has led to me offering tried and tested products which work exceptionally well. I also love to try new products that my suppliers recommend but I will only supply to you if they come up to my very high standards.

Having spent time researching and studying strings I can offer advise on string choice paying particular attention to that magic combination of what suits you and your instrument. I talk to and listen to players constantly when we try strings together. I am always happy to discuss how your instrument will respond to different tensions and string choice. Simply get in touch online or by phone.

A wide variety of violin and viola accessories are available to purchase to clients when they book my services.

Here is a selection of what I supply

  • Cases, traditional and modern
  • Strings, modern and gut equivalent
  • Chin rests, traditional wooden and hypoallergenic
  • Shoulder rests
  • Playing mutes, plastic and metal
  • Practise mutes, plastic and brass
  • Instrument stands for violin/viola and cello/double bass
  • Rosin, dark and light
  • Peg paste
  • Spike support/anchor
  • Humidifier
  • Electronic tuner
  • Hill cleaner
  • Tailpieces, adjusters, tailnylons
  • Cello endpin units, spikes

A selection of general accessories (left) that clients can purchase when they commission me to repair or restore their instruments. Specific cello accessories are pictured on the right.

I stock cases, bows, strings, shoulder rests, chin rests, rosin, mutes, humidifiers etc. All my accessories are available exclusively to you when we work together. You will enjoy browsing and choosing accessories to suit you and your instrument when you are here in the music studio.

I advise players on chin and shoulder rest combinations for comfort. Players often ‘put up’ with the discomfort from a poorly fitted/adjusted chin and shoulder rest. I have transformed many players posture and relieved their discomfort just by paying a little attention to this incredibly important combination.

I custom make, or can commission, items which will make a huge difference to your comfort and the overall playing experience.

Contact me: or contact me by tel. 01289 304383 or mobile 07770 846148

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