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Buying an instrument

Safely housing instruments ready to try, the music room cabinets protect from heat, light and humidity.

I have many instruments for sale. All have been through the workshop and my hands. All are set up to a very high standard. All have had string trials to produce the best tone. All are ready!

Here are three examples of instruments I have for sale. English, French and German instruments are always sort after and really do have very different qualities.

This English violin is typical of the period, with a deep rich red varnish, dating from around 1860.

This beautiful French violin was made in Mirecourt in 1911 by Laberte Humbert Freres. It is typical of their work with slightly proud archings and excellent choice of wood. It really makes a bold statement with the lavish golden varnish.

This German violin dates to circa 1880. The wood is extremely vibrant enhancing the beautiful varnish and really showing off the style of this violin.

I also source instruments that are of particular interest to you, for you to try with a view to purchasing.

You may want to upgrade, particularly if you need more from your instrument. You are welcome to come and try in your price range. Always bring your current instrument for comparison and your own bow for continuity.

You may want to purchase an instrument as a financial investment.

You may want to purchase an instrument as a gift.

You can purchase the instrument immediately if you feel it is the right one for you.

You also have the option to take the instrument on trial for 2 weeks with no obligation to purchase. The instrument will be insured during this period.

Make an appointment, it’s that easy.

Contact me: or contact me by tel. 01289 304383 or mobile 07770 846148

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