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Authentic labels can be fascinating and tell a story. Here we have the makers label and then repairers adding their labels too. Frowned upon these days with our ‘less is more’ approach you won’t see labels, statements, signatures or initials left by any respectful repairer today.

Violas are exciting from a restorers point of view because they are so varied in proportion, size and shape. However with years of experience I know exactly how to apply the mathematical principles to each individual viola I work on. You can’t take this lightly with violas. They have to be respected and often I believe repairers overlook the exacting science of the viola.   

Makers signatures can sometimes be found tucked away inside an instrument.

Restoration and/or repair work can be challenging as the proportions are larger and the work more obvious to the eye. However with skill and dexterity restoration is seamless. From fitting a soundpost patch to restoring a crack, or even just a little gluing, these jobs are second nature to me.    

I also specialise in tonal quality. Many makers and restorers can only focus on the woodwork and the varnish. For me the icing on the cake has to be sound quality. I can see by your set up if the instrument is not functioning to its full potential before I even hear it. I know how to improve the sound quality and offer your instrument the chance to play at its absolute optimum. If your instrument isn’t performing at its best, how can you?

Old studs alongside new studs. When stable there is no need to remove original work.

When violas are exposed to different temperatures, climates, and humidity changes occur. The wood is influenced by its surroundings, even staying in the UK from summer to winter. Cracks can appear, sound may dull. When an instrument is badly damaged it’s obvious you must bring it to me. Having a free annual consultation will allow me to offer piece of mind that these smaller issues are under control too.

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I also help and advise on insurance claims where appropriate.

Instruments patiently waiting for me to bring them back to life.

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