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Repairs & Restorations

This original label is in a beautiful Testore violin I recently worked on. The player was becoming increasingly aware that it was tonally uneven and actually sounded a little stifled. With my set up, a new professional bridge and soundpost, and changing the string lengths to my proportions the quality greatly improved, evenness returned and the violin regained its complex qualities.

Whether I restore your instrument or sell you an instrument, we shall work through the process at your pace. Ultimately all musicians strive to get the best from their instrument and my aim is always to do everything I can to help you to achieve this. Sometimes this can simply be a small inexpensive adjustment/tweak or maybe a wolf note that needs taming on your cello (Yes I really can!), or an indepth restoration taking many hours.

My full personal attention, care and service is unparalleled.

I have studded this centre joint and I’m about to add Japanese silk to the spaces. I have cut the silk rectangles and laid them out inbetween the studs. I use a thickness recommended to me by Michael Byrd. Once glued in place the silk becomes transparent but is incredibly strong in supporting the centre joint beautifully. Historically repairers would chalk fit a long piece of wood down the full length of the back centre joint but if there is movement that method hinders and complicates any future adjustments, as the joint is inaccessible.

Here I’m using a crack clamp, which has swivel arm adjustments. The crack is invisible before gluing and I will carry out at least 2 dry runs. When the hot glue is applied the wood swells giving the impression that the clamps may be positioned incorrectly but actually confidence comes from the check of the dry runs.

What you can expect

Repairs/Restorations of the highest possible standard; having been trained to produce only the best workmanship.

Top quality materials, including a well chosen selection of strings and fittings.

Regular maintenance will ensure your instrument is in peak playing condition at all times.

Set up correctly to ensure the most comfortable playing experience.

Professional tonal adjustment and set-up to ensure the ideal tone production for you and your instrument.

As a musician, I have a greater understanding of the player’s needs, and a good ear.

Here I have replaced a bottom block and you can see the extent of the damage in the top picture. Once the block has split like this the instrument is very vulnerable as the endpin fit is compromised. I always refer to this as the ‘anchor’ point. All the tension on the instrument runs between the 4 evenly dispersed pegs in the head down to that one tiny little endpin. The endpin fit is so very important and often overlooked by thoughtless repairers.

As a technician, I can bring an impartial and professional eye – and ear! – to the way an instrument is set up.  Sometimes owners are too close to their instrument to see how it can be improved.

I offer Restoration, Repairs, Tonal Adjustments, Servicing, Set up, Instrument and Bow sales, Rehairs, and Accessories.

Instrument Sales

If you are seeking to buy, I may have an instrument to suit your needs or can advise on the purchase of the right instrument for you.

Want to sell? I will purchase direct from you, or you can sell on commission through me. Lets have a chat and book an appointment.

Bow rehairing

I offer a bow rehairing service for violin, viola and ‘cello bows. All you need to do is drop the bow off and I will do the rest!

Bow restoration is also a service I provide and also the little things like a new lapping or thumb grip.

I offer a bow rehairing collection and delivery service for orchestras, when collectively the players require a minimum of 8 bows rehairing.

The bow restorers/makers and rehairers that I outsource to are amongst the best in the country. Each individual job is assessed by me and carried out by the best bow restorer for that job.

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