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Starting out

Are you thinking of becoming a string player?

Or wanting to rekindle a previous experience?

Starting out on this journey is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. My role is to help you achieve the most positive experience possible.

Instruments I sell are set up to enable positive playability.

This means subtle precision like the correct bridge curve allowing space for the bow to cross strings cleanly. Specific string heights allow comfort for fingertips whilst they learn this new discipline and pegs that turn smoothly so you don’t break strings and get a fright. Many jobs are carried out to ensure the instrument will not hold you back.

When starting out you may decide to buy a violin, bow and case all as one, known as an ‘outfit’. It is an inexpensive start and will enable you to get going with the least amount of financial investment.

Outfits range from £200 upwards. Refining these outfits and setting them up correctly enables you to have a very good playing experience. I offer a range of strings to enhance the tone and invite you to come and try. This is a unique service that I offer to get the best out of this range of instruments.

I have ‘outfits’ set up to an extremely high standard to give you a head start. Online some places say they do this but aren’t even qualified restorers. I also have smaller sizes for children.

However you may acknowledge that you have a good ear, maybe play another instrument, sing or participate in other musical pursuits. If so the tonal quality of a ‘beginners outfit’ may not challenge the ear enough. It may be worth a little more investment from the off. Food for thought?

Make an appointment, come and try.

Contact me: or contact me by tel. 01289 304383 or mobile 07770 846148

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