Fruitful Durham Visit, to hear ‘Musicon’ Concert Series.

A history lesson and concert rolled into one. Who knew it was going to be such an exciting evening?!

Huge thanks to H. Rosi Song, who through her passion for playing cello and holding a Chair in Hispanic Studies at Durham University, is on the trail of a ‘shining light’. She shared her research with us last night and introduced us to Spanish Catalan cellist and composer Gaspar Cassado. 

Rachelle Hunt

‘Lost in Plain Site: Gaspar Cassado’s Iberian Legacy’ was the concert I attended on 26th Oct. The programme included an insight into Cassados life and sadly his tragic death. Rosi revealed details from letters sent between him and his famous teacher Casals, which displayed how Spanish politics underlies why much of this cellist’s work is not being recognised or celebrated today. 

Katie Tertell

The programme was extensive covering Granados, de Falla, Vinyes, Debussy and 4 compositions by Cassado himself. His piano trio in C major (1926) was outstanding! Rachelle Hunt playing violin, Katie Tertell playing cello, and Nami Eijiri on piano were beautifully balanced throughout the programme. Exceptional quality. What a treat!! 

Chin Rest Tip

How insignificant is your chin rest? You probably never give it a second thought. But there is something violinists and viola players must check out. Next time you take your instrument from the case have a little look at the cork/leather that sits between the violin and the wood/metal. If it is perishing, come along and I can replace the cork. It’s such an inexpensive little job. The wear and tear in this area needs to be managed. I have seen front cracks that have developed as a result of a chin rest being overly tightened when there is no padding between the wood/metal and the front/back of the instrument. Its more common than you think, and totally avoidable.

Leather almost non-existent on bottom foot of chin rest. Must be replaced.

No cork left under right side of chinrest. Chin rest sitting directly on instrument front. Must be replaced.

Both Cork and Leather at full thickness to protect instrument.

Newly corked chin rest.

Smarter chinrest with top and separate feet fully corked.

Free Concerts

The concert I attended in Durham (mentioned above) was free to all. It’s really important for our industry to offer free concerts to the general public. Please tell ALL who would enjoy a free lunchtime concert in the beautiful Kings Hall at Newcastle University. Always on Thursdays here. Tradition follows that lunchtime concerts are offered free. A full hall always creates an amazing atmosphere, free tickets or not!! LIVE MUSIC in the Kings Hall has 3 interesting concerts for November, check out the links here…..


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