Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new website! I hope you like it. It is designed to quickly give you all the information you need about repairs, restorations and total adjustment. In fact all that I offer. I do hope you find navigating it is straightforward, and that it gives you the confidence to get in touch for us to discuss your needs.

There is a Biography, showing that the expertise I say I have has grown through years of working and learning and developing my skills.

There is a Sales page showing a small selection from the many instruments I have for sale. Please do get in touch for more detail as I am sure you will be aware the stock is organically changing. More instruments are routinely restored/purchased/sold on commission and added to fit your price point.      

There is also an Accessories page from which you are able to see all that I offer to my client base. Players will leave not only thrilled with a beautiful restoration or set-up but also with all the tools for their playing experience to be a positive one. I offer so much to support your journey with well thought out choices in strings, cases and accessories. It’s simply unnecessary, and actually really confusing, to be offered 10 mutes (for eg.) when the best quality 2 or 3 in varying price ranges will serve perfectly.

Having spent time researching and studying strings I can say I am a strings consultant and I am always happy to discuss how your instrument will respond to different tensions and string choice. Simply get in touch online or by phone.

I hope you will dive into this website and when you come up for air, do get in touch so I can offer all my experience, and support you on your musical journey. 



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